003 - Refarde Outer Cream - Soft - 500g

003 - Refarde Outer Cream - Soft - 500g

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003 - Refarde Outer Cream - Soft

A glamorous hair brilliant shine and everyone dreams

Hair treated with Refarde Ministry: New improved formula - create background "will moisturize moik hair types, making hair elastic, strong and natural gloss.

Advantages of Refarde:
- Immediate help smooth and shiny hair
- Short Duration
- The long term effects
These steps are:
- Step 1: Wash and dry
- Step 2: Apply cream 1 Inner Cream 20ml volume (equivalent to 5 times the entire pump up hair)
- Step 3: Apply the cream 20ml cream Bind up the entire hair, of about 20ml
- Step 4: DISCHARGE gentle water, about 90s
- Step 5: Apply the Outer Cream 20ml cream to the entire hair, about 5p. (3S often or soft hair, hair 3H hard, rough)
- Step 6: gentle flushing
- Step 7: care to increase the gloss with CP pack



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