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1907 By Fromm Copper Core 1.75" Thermal Round

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1907 By Fromm Copper Core Brush 1.75" Thermal Round #NBB018

- Natural copper elements
- Anti-microbial
- Dry hair faster
- Full barrel bristle coverage
- 100% boar bristle strip

Why Copper?
Compare to Aluminum Ceramic: Superior material for temperature control, rapid and even heat distribution
Thermal Properties: Heats hair 30% faster!
Bacteria Control: Destroys 88% of bacteria and fungus
Natural Antimicrobial: Copper element used in dandruff and lice shampoos to prevent itching and flaking

What is an Insert Bar?
Two-in-One Technology: Blow-dry with ionic nylon bristles
100% Pure Boar Bristle Strip: Grip and Shine Hair

Additional Features
Coated Copper Barrel: Clear sealant to maintain superior heat resistance over time
One-Piece Handle: No screw to avoid snagging
Waved Nylon Bristles: Superior gripping of hair
Full Barrel Bristle Coverage: No distance between lip and barrel to fully utilize barrel space
Shelf Presence: Sleek full black design for focus on eye-catching copper core
Packaging: Signature 1907 kraft paper hang tag with visuals for features and benefits