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Allure Face Shield Protective Mask - Blue

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The Allure Face Shield Protective Mask is a full protection, clear visor with a soft foam headband and adjustable strap. It is lightweight and adjustable for both men and women. It provides triple production by protecting your eyes, preventing inhalation of droplets and reducing saliva intrusion.

- Full-face Protection: This full-face shield cover effectively isolate saliva, splashes and dust, fully protect your face and eyes. It is recommended that you wear this full face protective shield with a mask in public places to ensure safety.
- Comfortable Wearing: You can easily move this extremely light face shield up and down without feeling discomfort. It also fits most goggles and respirator.
- Premium Material: The protective face shield cover is made of high-density polyethylene with good transparency, which offers clear and unobstructed vision.
- Reusable and Durable: Face shield can be easily cleaned with water or alcohol, and can be reused after cleaning.
- Wide Application: This protective face shield can all over cover you face to effectively avoid liquid splashing, can be used in various situations, such as laboratory working, woodworking, mowing, gardening, drilling, sanding, welding, etc.

Note: Listing is for a single face shield.