Belcam Ultra Ingrown Toenail File 3650P 1 Each
Belcam Ultra

Belcam Ultra Ingrown Toenail File 3650P 1 Each

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- Stainless Steel
- Perfect for care of Ingrown Toenails
- Small enough for travel
- Must have for homes or salons
- Made In Germany ULTRA has the ultimate in Professional Beauty Instruments. This tool is great for filing ingrown toenails to help with their removal as well as care. Wash feet with soap and warm water, then dry thoroughly. Place your thumb across the cuticle and lower nail of the affected toe to stabilize. Gently lift the nail edge with the file side of the tool and pull toward the free edge; be sure to keep pressure on the cuticle/lower nail with your thumb. Use the excavator side to clean debris and filings from under the nail. To Protect and Maintain: This file is made of the finest quality Stainless Steel. It can be sterilized by all conventional methods or wiped clean with alcohol. Store the instrument in its original package to protect it from damage



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