Belcam Ultra Nail Clipper + File  #2545 1 Each
Belcam Ultra

Belcam Ultra Nail Clipper + File #2545 1 Each

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Denco’s 2545 Nail Clipper is a customer favorite! This classic product features an attached file and is a convenient, inexpensive and effective way to trim and groom nails. Even if scissors or nippers are your “go to” tools, you can’t beat a good, old nail clipper as a back up at home or on the road. At our price, you can buy one for every room in the house… not to mention for your car, purse, gym bag… you get the idea! Pull up clipper handle and rotate 180 degrees. Position open mouth of clipper over nail to be cut. Trim to desired length and shape. To Protect and Maintain: Store clipper, in closed position, in a dry place. If clipper becomes wet, dry thoroughly.



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