Celeb Luxury Citrine
Celeb Luxury

Celeb Luxury Citrine

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- instantly adds rich color + hi-lather + hi-conditioning to hair while gently cleansing
- stops visible haircolor washout and fade between salon visits
- maintains, corrects and boosts color brilliance
- like gems, brings out depth and reflective facets in colored hair, foil highlights or balayage Introducing NEW Celeb Luxury Color Colorwash® with Colorposit™ technology. The new category - a scientific revolution in hair color adds rich color while cleansing with hi-conditioning results. These 10 fresh Gem Lites® Colorwash colors can revive your luster-lacking locks in between salon appointments. Start washing in fabulous without fading out!
Gem Lites® Fashion Color Care™ - inspired by brilliant gems that never fade. Gem Lites® Colorwash with patent-pending, new advanced cleanse + Colorposit technology. 10 amazing tones inspired by brilliant gems, the most precious, brightest organic colors coming from the earth. Gems are stable and never fade.
Superior attributes makes color wash extremely addictive.
- high colorposit™
- high lather
- anti-tangler™
- hi-conditioning, soft-satin hair • Apply a generous amount of color wash evenly throughout wet hair, massage into a thick rich lather, then rinse thoroughly
• For easiest detangling, run fingers through hair before and after rinsing colorwash from hair
• Follow with nourishing bonditioner® and celeb® secret fix® styler

Use the complete gem lites® system as a regimen Restores hair to a healthy, natural feel



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