CND Base Coat .25 fl. oz.

CND Base Coat .25 fl. oz.

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- Only need one thin layer
- Cures in just 10 seconds
- Provides crucial foundation for the Shellac system One thin layer of CND Shellac UV Base Coat is all you need. It cures in just 10 seconds and provides the crucial foundation for the Shellac system. 1. Shake the bottle to blend.
2. Apply one thin layer to each nail surface and extension edge of all five nails on one hand.

- Remove the applicator brush from the bottle and wipe it against the bottle's neck to drain excess product from the brush.
- Stay parallel to the natural nail and place the brush in the center of the nail slightly away from the cuticle line.
- Gently push the brush toward the cuticle line and then glide down one side to the extension edge of the nail.
- Lift the brush and repeat on the opposite side of the nail, followed by the same steps to coat the center.
- Be sure to encase the extension edge to ensure long wear.
3. Cure all five fingers together for ten seconds in the CND UV Lamp*.
4. Repeat the process on the other hand.



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