CND Nourishing Remover 32 fl oz

CND Nourishing Remover 32 fl oz

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• Reduces dehydration of nails and surrounding skin and eliminates the appearance of whiteness
• Removes Shellac 20% faster than pure acetone. CND Shellac Nourishing remover removes Shellac, removable gels, nail polish, liquid and powder, wraps, adhesives and tips from natural nails. Why you need it
To safely remove Shellac, polish and most nail enhancement products. CND Shellac Remova: Saturate the cotton pad of a CND Shellac Remover Wrap with Nourishing Remover. Follow directions for use on CND Shellac Remover Wrap packaging. Gently slide away any remaining product with an orange wood stick.

After applying Shellac Remover Wrap or cotton and foil with Nourishing Remover, place hands in warm mitts or cover with a warm towel to elevate the service experience and improve the removal process.



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