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Coronlab Wax Remover Citrus Clean W/Trig. Spray 8.4 oz 00581

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Press Release Jet

Wax Remover Citrus Clean

Suitable for cleaning surfaces & fibres leaving a fresh citrus finish.

Takes the hard work out of removing sticky wax residue from salon equipment. A concentrated, natural product with a pleasant citrus fragrance that is excellent for cleaning wax pots, utensils and equipment. This economical cleaning solution removes wax residue quickly and easily.

Product Features

- Suitable for cleaning most surfaces and fibres
- Leaves a fresh clean citrus aroma
- A concentrated natural product
- Excellent for cleaning wax pots, utensils and equipment
- Concentrated natural product
- Removes sticky wax residue

Application: Hard surfaces – Apply sparingly to the surface to be cleaned, wipe off and rinse with water. Carpets – Apply lightly and rinse thoroughly to remove residue. Always test before use for colour fastness. Be careful as the solvent may affect some surfaces.