Framesi Curl Define Conditioner 1 Gallon

Framesi Curl Define Conditioner 1 Gallon

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•Nourishes and lubricates with wheat germ oil and substances similar to the hair structure
•Contains a UV screen, vitamin E, a pool of antioxidant enzymes of bio-technological origin, fruit acids and substances that remove coating limescale residue
•Improves softness and manageability, preventing cosmetic color from fading Hair color is the distinguishing feature that all hairdressers adore using to emphasize the personality of their individual clients. Color Lover is a gesture of love for color-treated hair that every woman can repeat in the comfort of her own home with a customized, top quality and absolutely affordable treatment. Color Lover is a highly protective line of shampoos and conditioners, formulated to combat fading and to prolong cosmetic coloring, deeply moisturizing, to keep the hair soft, shiny and radiant, effective specific to give the best result on every type of color-treated hair: Coarse hair (average diameter between 70 and 110 microns) is often rough, unmanageable and porous. It needs to be softened and restored to a more manageable and radiant condition. Curly hair is frequently damaged by aggressive drying and by the use of straightening irons to remove frizz. Apply to damp hair after washing, massage, leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse and proceed with drying.



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