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Goldwell Topchic Permanent Hair Color - 2

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Goldwell Topchic Hair Color Tube delivers maximum color accuracy with efficient product dosing and processing time for a quick, convenient and protective coloring service. Goldwell's Topchic's patented Coenzyme Technology protects the hair during coloration, and neutralizes free radicals which can cause over-oxidation. The Color Equalizer System homogenizes the hair structure for a more even color result and smoothness with improved compatibility.

Recommendation: Perform a preliminary patch test according to the following directions prior to each application, even if the client has had color treatments before. Using a cotton-tipped applicator, apply the color mixture to a 1" x 1" patch of clean skin (gently wash with mild soap and water) on the inside of the forearm and leave to process. After 45 minutes, cleanse the area thoroughly with lukewarm water. After 48 hours have passed, examine the test area. If no reaction has occurred during the test or within 48 hours following the patch text, then the shade may be applied to the client. Do not treat the hair if any reaction occurs. This is a precautionary test, and does not mean conclusively that sensitivity or allergies will not occur during treatment.

- In a bowl mix one part Topchic Lotion with one part Topchic Permanent Hair Color.
- For virgin application, start with the darkest part of the hair and apply color 1/2 inch from
  scalp to ends.
- Wait 5-10 minutes, then apply remaining color to scalp area.
- Total processing time 30 minutes.
- Rinse, shampoo and condition with Goldwell color care shampoo and conditioner.

For professional use only
- Delivers optimum color safety every step of the way for you to be even more creative and successful     working with hair color
- Natural shades provide 100% grey coverage, even on resistant hair
- Over 100 intermixable shades
- Unique Depot System is clean, easy and precise to mix and measure
- Cream-gel consistency is easy to mix and apply
  Permanent hair color
- Recommended to be used with Goldwell's Topchic measuring tools perfectly aligned with
  the Depot System