Holbein Liquid Acrylic Blue Green 35 ml E024
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Holbein Liquid Acrylic Blue Green 35 ml E024

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Holbein Blue Green E024 | Made in Japan | Holbein Aeroflash Liquid Acrylics are professional-quality colors with exceptional brilliance and permanence. They contain high-density pigments ground to fine-grain size (0.001–0.004 mm) in an acrylic resin manufactured to the uniform viscosity most suitable for airbrush use.The result is deep, clear colors of non-toxic archival permanence that will not clog even a 0.1 mm aperture airbrush or tech pen. The colors may also be used with a brush.Aeroflash utilizes a pure watersoluble acryl base that ensures no shift in color tone from wet to dry. It can be diluted with water, but is water-resistant when dry.



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