iZen ProShaker Duo
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iZen ProShaker Duo

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iZen ProShaker Duo - Professional Gel Polish Shaker

Now with the new iZen ProShaker Duo model, you can shake up to 2 bottles at the same time. This small tool is ideal for mixing soak-off gel nail polish that has become too thick and nail lacquer that has separated. The shaker operates at a high number of shakes per minute so bottles only need 10-15 seconds of movement to become ready for use.

Product Features

- Automatic 60 seconds per cycle
- Smooth and quiet operation
- 110 - 240 Volts AC universal power
- Simple and safe mechanism to secure the bottle in place
- Ergonomic and space saving design
- Zinc die-cast for maximum stability
- Works with most bottle shapes, brands or types
- Reduces time taken to complete mani-pedis
- Eliminates shrinkage and streaking due to poor mixing
- Shake up to 2 bottles simultaneously with the NEWPROShaker Duo model
- Automatic 60 seconds per cycle
- Easy use, uniformly shaking
- Durable quality



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