Jerome Russell Diamondista 8.5oz


Jerome Russell Diamondista 8.5oz

This versatile shampoo deposits pigments for an intense and brilliant hair toning. Its formula contains keratin amino acids that deeply penetrates hair fiber to nourish and smooth the cuticle. Anionic amino acids create a protective barrier ato ensure long-lasting, healthy, hydrated and smooth hair.


- Color depositing shampoo
- Hydrates hair
- Refreshes hair color
- Restores hair fiber
- Enriched with keratin and anionic amino acids
- Enhances shine
- Fades after a few shampoos
- Sulfate, paraben, ammonia, peroxide, PPD and gluten free
- vegan
- Not tested on animals

How to use

- Wear gloves to avoid stains
- Apply a generous amount on entire hair
- Leave for 5 minutes for a subtle effect or 10 minutes for more intensity
- Lather
- Rinse thoroughly

Color intensity will depend on hair porosity (damage) as well as hair level before application


What is the difference between the Punky Color 3n1 shampoo and the Punky Color semi-permanent?

The Punky Color semi-permanent is a semi-permanent hair color that lasts up to 20-30 shampoos while the Punky Colour 3n1 refreshes hair color, but doesn't replace it.

What is the average duration of this hair color?

It will last a couple of washed with a regular shampoo, but the longevity depends on the porosity of the hair.

Will this product damage my hair?

No. The formula is filled with nutrients that will add shine, body and suppleness.

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