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Keune Bio Perm Vital - Normal

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- TCC-3 System
- A mild vitalizing perm lotion
- A strong curl formation
- Protection of the hair structure during the treatment
- Veilex gives a reduction of the perm odor
- An elastic and shiny result

Bioperm Vital is a gentle perm lotion based on three active components: Thioglycolic Acid, Cysteine and Cysteamine. This unique TCC-3 System gives a vital transformation of the hair. The hair structure is protected during the treatment. Bioperm Vital gives an equal, elastic and natural result. It also gives vitality and makes the hair soft and shiny. The unique new patented ingredient Veilex reduces the perm odor. Bioperm Vital is suitable for difficult to perm hair as well as for normal, fine, porous hair, depending on the choice of lotion. Bioperm Vital is available in two strengths:

- Extra: For normal to difficult to perm natural hair
- Normal: For normal to fine, porous and tinted hair