Kupa Super UPower SUP201/SUG12
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Kupa Super UPower SUP201/SUG12

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Kupa Super UP-200 Electric File

Freedom of Choice - The Super UP-200. Taking the time-tested and proven technology of the UP-200 up a notch, the Super UP-200 adds more power and torque — going up to 26,000 RPM and features a specially designed handpiece holster that can be placed on either side of the control box. Like its predecessor, the Super UP-200’s handpiece is armature-driven and made of stainless steel. It also features a twist-lock chuck, making changing bits quick and easy. The control box allows for quickly switching between forward and reverse modes.


- SUG-12 Handpiece
- Rubber Handpiece Cradle
- Adjustable Handpiece Holsters



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