Matrix Lightmaster Freehand Additive 4 oz.

Matrix Lightmaster Freehand Additive 4 oz.

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No formula or processing time adjustments are necessary when including these additives in a Light Master formula. What’s more, Light Master is optimized for use with Bond Ultim8, the bond protection system that repairs bonds during chemical hair processes and protects the bonds over time. Bond Ultim8 provides eight key benefits, including protecting, strengthening and preserving hair’s structural bonds; preventing breakage; enhancing smoothness and softness and producing healthier looking hair.

The additives extend the full range of Matrix lightening and blonding formulas, including Light Master, SOCOLOR Permanent High Lift shades, SOCOLOR Extra Blonding Cream, ColorInsider, V-lights and ColorGraphics Lift & Tone. Light Master Freehand Additive is Matrix’s first Kaolin Clay-based additive designed for open air lightening techniques like balayage, ombré, and hair painting. This formula encapsulates the hair and stays moist, empowering the colorist with complete creative freedom with a stay put texture for freehand applications.



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