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Mirabella Blush Contour Brush 1 Each

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Press Release Jet

Full luxurious blush brush diffuses color for natural contouring and sculpting of cheeks. Mirabella hand-sculpted brushes are made with the finest quality materials and feature exclusive brushed aluminum ferrules and handles.
Create One-Swipe Perfection with Mirabella’s Blush Contour Brush
Adding just the right glow to the cheeks just isn’t easy with small blush applicators that lack the ability to deliver one-swipe perfection. Get that color right the first time with our Blush Contour Brush. Our hand-sculpted luxury brush is made of the finest materials, providing a soft touch as it flawlessly applies color to the cheeks. Designed especially to deliver effortless application, this perfectly sized tool features brushed aluminum ferrules and handle.