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Mirabella Makeup Brush - Flawless Silicone Blender

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An innovative, washable and reusable alternative that makes wasting cosmetics a thing of the past. The Flawless Silicone Blender allows for effective spreading and blending of liquid/cream cosmetics while using only half the amount of product associated with the traditional application with a sponge or brush. The cutting-edge Flawless Sponge is made of highly durable, non-porous silicone making it incredibly easy to clean.

How To Use:

- Take a minimal amount of cream liquid/cream product and work in a circular motion to spread the product across the face until the product will not spread further. Repeat to cover the face
- Tap repeatedly to blend and smooth, paying close attention to the jawline, hairline and around the eyes
- In order to cover detailed areas, use the soft corner of the convenient tear-drop shape to detail small, tight areas of the face.
- Repeat and build coverage as needed