Morgan Taylor Wrapped In Satin
Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor Wrapped In Satin

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Enhance your creativity with a brand new range of colors that cannot be found anywhere else. Morgan Taylor’s boundary breaking lacquers are perfect for expressing every mood, attitude and personal style. With imagination, selection and performance like this, your clients will fall in love with color again and again.
- Custom-Designed Bottle engineered to fit like no other and weighted for a more comfortable, balanced feel.
- Ergonomic Cap designed for optimum application speed and comfort
- Exclusive Brush the ultra-fine bristle allows for a smooth and even application that covers the entire nail bed with fewer and more precise strokes.
- Deeper, Clear Italian Glass Base allows light to enter, revealing more authentic color Morgan Taylor Marilyn Monroe Forever Fabulous Collection - Begin with a base coat to set a strong foundation for long-lasting wear
- Apply 1-2 coats of nail polish in smooth, even brushstrokes
- Finish with a glossy top coat for a boost of shine and protection.



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