My Amazing Secret My Amazing Blow Dry Spray 1 fl. oz.
My Amazing Secret

My Amazing Secret My Amazing Blow Dry Spray 1 fl. oz.

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- Speeds Up Drying Time by up to 50%
- Delivers light conditioner while keeping hair smooth and frizz-free all day
- Reduces friction while conditioning lightly
- Disciplines curly or hard to manage hair
- Reduces stress on hair from brushing or combing
- Provides extreme heat protection
- Revitalizes fragile, chemically treated and depleted hair leaving it glossy and vibrant
- Prevents Static The only product you need for faster, stress-free styling!
Quick Dry Shake 'n Spray™ cuts styling time in half, as it leaves your hair… AMAZING!
What’s the secret to having it all from just one product? Our exclusive two-part formula, which packs quick-dry agents in the clear half and conditioners, moisturizers and protectors into the pink half. Just shake them together when you’re ready to use, then spray onto wet or dry hair. Style as desired into a soft, silky smooth, shiny, frizz-free finish.

How Quick Dry Shake'n Spray™ Two-Layer Formula works:
When shaken together the beneficial hair care ingredients create a synergy that blends the clear layer drying properties with the pink layer conditioner and protecting properties to produce amazing, fast drying results on all hair types
The unique and effective combination of the two layers cuts your blow drying time in half while leaving your hair soft, siilky and manageable On Damp Hair: Shake well. Spray onto towel-dried hair as a last step before blow drying. Style as usual.

On Dry Hair: Shake well. Spray on as a shield and sealer for flat-irons and curling-irons.

As a Finishing Mist: Shake well. Spray for an exquisite shine.



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