Rusk Color Corrector Kit 1 Box

Rusk Color Corrector Kit 1 Box

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- Gently removes any level of permanent, oxidative hair color, no matter how long it has been in the hair
- Reverses the bonds of oxidative dye molecules, allowing for safe and effective color removal, bringing the hair back to its pre-colored state
- Promotes unsurpassed shine and condition Rusk Elimin8 Color Corrector gently removes unwanted permanent color with a non-progressive, precise control formula that contains no ammonia, peroxide, bleach or formaldehyde. - Combine equal parts of Step 1 (color reducer) and Step 2 (conditioning catalyst).
- Apply, using applicator bottle or bowl and brush
- The thick, creamy consistency ensures quick, easy, and precise application.
- Process up to 20 minutes, with or without heat



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