Sebastian Sapphire Blue

Sebastian Sapphire Blue

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- Ammonia-free
- For any hair type
- Lasts 4-6 weeks
- Incredible silky shine! Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes is an ammonia-free, colorizing gloss treatment providing rich lasting color gloss in 9 shades for any hair-type. This is a professional in-salon re-conditioning color glaze with color shine acid complex. It delivers revolutionary, deposit-only, botanical-rich infusers to enrich and illuminate individual hair strands with translucent color for 4-6 weeks.

The ultimate fashion accessory for your hair with translucent color and unparalleled shine and conditioning. The professional service serves up a shine treatment with a dimension of color for the look and feel of brilliantly healthy hair. Infused with non-oxidative pure dyes and UV light inhibitors in a protein enriched formula, Sebastian Cellophanes contains no ammonia or peroxide. It ushers in an era of glaze color as it creates a new dimension known as deposit only, translucent pure hair color. - SHAKE WELL TAKE A STRAND TEST.
- Shampoo, and towel dry hair to 75% dry.
- Apply COLOURSHINES, beginning 1/8 inch from scalp and combing thoroughly through hair.
- Wrap hair in reusable plastic cap and place under dryer for 15 to 20 minutes.
- Processing time will vary depending on porosity of hair.



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