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SilkLine Disposable Mascara Applicators 25pk

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Press Release Jet

• Disposable mascara applicators eliminate the risk of cross contamination. Since they are designed for one time insertion into the mascara tube, they keep mascara tubes bacteria free • Hygiene is a very important consideration and disposable mascara applicators reassure the client that the brush is completely clean and safe • Disposable applicators ensure that the mascara formulation remains intact, and therefore lasts longer • 3.8” long mascara applicators are suitable for use on most standard size mascara tubes • The cone-shaped brush can properly extend each lash and reaches small lashes or lashes located in the corners of the eyes • The brush tip is made of tightly-spaced soft black nylon bristles, excellent for adding volume to the lashes • The handle is nicely rounded • Offered in a resealable bag that contains 25 applicators