TIGI 100/2 Ultra Light Violet Blonde

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TIGI copyright©olour lift is a permanent crème emulsion formulated as a complete range of fully intermixable, high-lifting, and toning haircolour. It comprises four shades, 100/0, 100/83, 100/28 and 100/88, each one giving up to 5 levels of lift and tone on natural hair. Designed to be used on or off the scalp with all TIGI copyright©olour activators, TIGI copyright©olour lift gives lifting and toning options on even the darkest natural hair without the use of artificial heat. Create shades from soft, smokey caramel and flat bronze to bright, clean vanilla, and coolest artic blondes. Try using with TIGI copyright©olour activator 20 volume/6% on natural level 4, or with 40 volume/12% on level 6. Add even more tone with TIGI copyright©olour mix master, or intermix lift with creative and/or with gloss for truly limitless lifting and toning options. TIGI copyright©olour: the best colours are the ones you invent With TIGI copyright©olour Creative Intelligence, the ratio of base to tone is more balanced. Higher concentrations of dyes in our formulations achieve superior lift and targeted tone, creating beautiful results with high shine and condition. This new dye combination and 35-minute processing allows for full intermixability between all shades and all TIGI copyright©olour products, ensuring consistent, predictable results, and positive clarity of tone.