Vigorol Liquid Hair Relaxer -4oz-DISC canada

Vigorol Liquid Hair Relaxer -4oz

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Vigorol Liquid Hair Relaxer -4oz

  • Gentle Enough For All Hair Types
  • Relaxes and deeply conditions tangled, uncontrollable hair moisture and humidity resistant.
  • With Vigorol You will notice that the hair is more manageable, easier to style and that it will also resist reverting in damp weather.

e top-selling Vigorol Liquid hair relaxer you love now comes in a kit! Still gentle enough for al hair types, the kit uncludes our specially formulated Neutralizing Shampoo and gloves. Create soft and lustrous relaxed, wavy or curly styles while deeply conditioning hair. restore body and bounce with the neutralizing Shampoo enriched with protein and vitamin E. Follow enclosed Directions carefully.

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