Voesh Intensive Collagen Treatment Gloves VHM212COL 02000

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Voesh Intensive Collagen Treatment Gloves - VHM212COL

VOESH UV protective Collagen Gloves brings innovation to manicure treatment. Each Hand Mask is preloaded with 16 mL. of Marine Collagen & Argan rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. When ready to have a manicure, simply remove the tips of each finger along the perforated pre-cut lines. Made with a micro thin dual layered material. Protects up to 98.9% of UV rays. Saves time by moisturizing hands while a client is getting a manicure. 1 pair pack.


- 16 mL. of Collagen Rich Emulsion inside the glove
- With Marine Collagen & Argan
- Pre-cut at the fingertips for those that want to apply nail polish while moisturizing the hands. Time Saving
- UV protection for those using a UV dryer

All Voesh kits are made with the same concept. They are all individually packed with the right amount of product for a single pedicure or manicure. Ensuring a clean and hygienic spa treatment. One kit per customer.