Wahl Canada Sterling Clipper Oil 4 fl. oz.
Wahl Canada

Wahl Canada Sterling Clipper Oil 4 fl. oz.

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- Specially designed for Wahl electric clippers
- Ensures optimum performance
- Designed to keep clipper and trimmers well lubricated and rust-resistant
- Extends the life of the clipper Helps keep blades sharp and in great working condition. 1. Spray loose hair clippings from blade
2. Clean with CLINI CLIP hospital grade disinfectant after each client to prevent cross-contamination
- remember to unplug clipper from electrical outlet first!
3. With clipper running blades facing the ground put one drop of OIL at each corner and heel of the blade and let run through. Dry with soft cloth
4. Always Protect Blades with red blade guard or attachment comb
5. Hang clipper when not in use - if hook i not available gently wrap cord and place in drawer



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