Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Fine/Normal Hair 16.9 fl oz

Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Fine/Normal Hair 16.9 fl oz

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- Triple-Blend Technology: A unique combination of three silicones which delivers low friction on dry hair, reducing hair-breakage & split-ends and leaving it feeling clean; free-flowing:

- Polymer emulsion: Improves elasticity; Refining polymer: Creates thin, even, flexible film; Lubricating polymer: Reduces friction between hair strands

- Lightweight Formula: Improves wet combability, wet and dry feel, ease of styling and brushing, while reducing static. The product is a caring treatment and thanks to the new triple-blend technology, with fewer polymers, it does not weigh the hair down and maintains a free-flowing movement.

- Creatin: A building block of protein that is in part internally produced by the human organism. It is regarded as a universal supplier of energy to the human body. Well-known in the skin-care it is used as moisturizer and 'vitalizer'. In hair care products creatin strengthens the hair and has a hair-repairing effect. A hair-strengthening/restructuring or repairing effect occurs because creatin is capable of penetrating the inner structure (the cortex) of hair.

- Panthenol: Readily binds to hair follicles, moisturizing and strengthening hair, and helping to seal moisture in, preventing drying out.

- Silk Extract: Derived from silk proteins, it forms moisture-retentive films that smooth and moisturize both skin and hair. It provides a silky emolliency in creams, lotions, shampoos and hair conditioners. The lightweight mask instantly makes hair look healthy again, leaving even fine hair full of free flowing movement. Treatment is for dry or damaged Hair. It moisturizes and provides incredible smoothness for dry or damaged hair. Instantly repairs hair with Triple Blend Technology. - Apply after shampooing.
- Massage and leave in for 5 minutes.
- Rinse out thoroughly.



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