Zenagen Revolve Treatment for Women, 32 Fl Oz
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Zenagen Revolve Treatment for Women, 32 Fl Oz

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Reducing hair loss should be easy and attainable-and shouldn't require you to sacrifice your time or your standards. Zenagen Revolve Treatment for Women is an naturally-formulated solution that works by targeting production of DHT, the culprit responsible for 95% of hair loss in men and women. Application is convenient and simple: just apply in the shower every other day, and leave in for five minutes before rinsing. After 2-12 weeks, you'll experience reduced hair loss, thinning, and shedding, with an end result of thicker, fuller hair. And thanks to nutraceuticals (natural compounds with pharmaceutical-grade results), you'll achieve your desired result without having to subject yourself to SLS, sulfates, parabens, or other potentially damaging components. The newly introduced 32oz option is designed with salon and home use in mind. Stylists can stock in the salon back bar to introduce guests to the product, and devoted home users can keep on hand to decrease restocking frequency. Key Ingredients: Serenoa Repens: This natural fern leaf extract targets the underlying cause of hair loss in women, DHT. Melalecua Oil: Used for centuries as a topical remedy for fungal and bacterial infections, Melaleuca oil focuses on buildup of DHT from the follicle matrix and has been a natural defense against many scalp conditions. Brahmi Mocopairi: Derived from an ancient Asian plant, this powerful herbal compound combats the scalp inflammation that can lead to increased hair loss. Red Clover Extract: This naturally derived plant contains isoflavones, which are effective for helping to slow down signs of aging on the skin, as well as lowering inflammatory skin conditions. Studies have shown that red clover’s effects on estrogen levels give it most of its anti-inflammatory, UV protective, collagen-boosting and wound-healing potentials.
Zenagen’s innovative nutraceutical formulas embrace the healing, restorative powers of natural ingredients, with absolutely NO SLS, Parabens or Formaldehyde.



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